Company / App Name: Blleep
Twitter – Blleep

What does it do?

Blleep is an app that helps users create spontaneous events that are timed and could be sent out in an instant amongst your networks nearby. It lets you quickly look up the number of friends in an area and organize meet ups with one click.

Why do we need it?

People are busy, our schedules are packed and we do not really have time for friends. Connecting with friends on Blleep does not require any planning ahead, Blleep offers users the simplest and most instant way to find friends and hangout

Who is it for?

Anyone that likes to hangout with friends. You could be walking out of office building and trying to find someone to lunch together. Or you could be traveling to alien cities and want to meet up some old friends there.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

For our competitors, users’ locations are constantly being tracked and available to public. Blleep lets you see the number of friends around, but at the same time does not reveal any identities and location information at first.

What’s next?

For some one thousand beta users already onboard, the app is awesome. People have been telling us that the app really saves them time and finds them friends. We hope all users around the globe can enjoy this app!

Pitch Video