Company / App Name: Beeper
Twitter – beeper_app

What does it do?

Beeper lets you send Push notifications to Android / iOS or Desktop devices from your Services , web Applications , custom scripts and what not. Setting it up takes less than 10 minutes.

Why do we need it?

Want to send event based notifications to your staff? Want to integrate push messaging with your ERP? Want your server to update you when it runs low on diskspace? There is nothing easier than Beeper for sending Notifications from apps.

Who is it for?

Developers who want to send Notifications to Mobile and Desktop Clients from web apps , services , scripts or custom applications.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Others who offer similar solutions requires that the person receiving the push notifications to install a paid app on their devices. Beeper uses Telegram Messenger which is FREE ! And the whole setup takes less than few minutes.

What’s next?

We have released a minimal set of APIs – we are working on adding tons of methods and features. Keep watching

Pitch Video