Company / App Name: BeeCRM
Twitter – @BeeCRM

What does it do?

BeeCRM is simple cloud CRM which is oriented towards small business. There are many CRM solutions, BeeCRM has high level of flexibility and easy customization. It allows user to easily implement business logistic into BeeCRM.

Why do we need it?

One click setup, user friendly, No add-ons, use defined attributes or create your own, most customization of functions, modern design, tutorial…
With usual CRM functions: sales funnel, campaigns, mailing, To do, import/export customers

Who is it for?

Small business companies, which are working with many customers (more than 30 customers per sales assistant), and they need control over customer history…

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Modern design, good UI, flexibility of functions (possible to adopt many business niches), additional CRM good practice (still developing), tutorial…

What’s next?

We would like to hear what users from different business categories have to say about our BeeCRM. This beta testing will help us to gather different ideas and improve our crm practice.

Pitch Video