Company / App Name: Beauty Hum
Twitter – @Beauty_Hum

What does it do?

A review site where users review the individual hair, beauty or makeup professional who provided the service. Professionals can create a free profile page to potentially gain more clients.

Why do we need it?

The majority of sites only let you review a salon, and if 10 people work there it doesn’t really help you. This shows you exactly who you should be choosing based on reviews.

Who is it for?

Hairdressers, beauty therapists and make-up artists who want an online presence and exposure to new clients.

Users who are travelling, on holiday, away from home, have moved recently or just want to try a new professional.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

The design of the site, the features, that it is all about the individual professional rather than the salon.

What’s next?

The site as it is only launched in April 2014, next will be a points based reward system for both professionals and users.

Pitch Video