Company / App Name: Bear & Bull
Twitter – mreynolds33

What does it do?

Bear & Bull is a fun, competitive game that teaches players to trade stocks. Players compete against their friends and learn by doing in a competitive, fun environment.

Why do we need it?

Everyone wants to learn how to trade stocks and manage their money, but no one wants to read a pile of books to get started. We make it fun to learn the basics of trading.

Who is it for?

Bear & Bull is for everyone that has ever wanted to learn how to manage their own money and felt overwhelmed by having to read so many books just to learn the basics.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

We are a fun, competitive game that you play with your friends. As a byproduct of having an awesome time online with your friends, you come out with a practical skill set and knowledge about the stock market. Win-win.

What’s next?

We are in private beta. Anyone that wants to join our beta is encouraged to participate and sign up on our homepage. Following our beta, we are going to incorporate feedback and plan to launch more publicly.

Pitch Video