Company / App Name: Barters Closet
Twitter – @BartersCloset

What does it do?

Barters Closet is a virtual thrift store, a place for people to barter, buy and sell clothes. We have a matchmaking algorithm to pair users together based on style, size and interest to help connect barterers, buyers and sellers.

Why do we need it?

Do you have clothes you don’t wear in your closet? Barters Closet is a place to upload those clothes and see if anyone wants to trade theirs with you or buy them. The purpose of Barters Closet is to extend the lifecycle of clothes.

Who is it for?

Barters Closet is targeted at tech-savvy thrift store shoppers. People that go to thrift store in the pursuit of unique and vintage apparel.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Unlike similar websites, Barters Closet is for both men and women and accepts all brands. We are the only website that allows everyone to barter & sell clothes.

What’s next?

We will be launching an app in late June, the app will include more functionality than the Barters Closet web version. In the future we plan to expand categories past clothes.

Pitch Video