Company / App Name: Athletic Recruiting Answers
Twitter – @athrecanswers

What does it do?

Athletic Recruiting Answers was founded to help student-athletes and their families take active control of what can be a complicated athletic recruiting process. For a small fee per question, we help families learn about the process.

Why do we need it?

Athletic Recruiting Answers allows families to control their budget, and control how they become proactive in the recruiting process, on their terms. There’s no large up-front financial commitment or long-term contract.

Who is it for?

Athletic Recruiting Answers is for families looking to navigate the athletic recruiting process slowly, one step at a time, and make micro investments when money is available.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Traditional athletic recruiting services and consulting firms require a large up-front investment, assign you a case manager, and then you cross your fingers. Athletic Recruiting Answers is hands-on, working with you step by step.

What’s next?

We\’re looking to grow organically, slowly, and help each student-athlete we can to reach their goals of playing collegiate sports.

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