Company / App Name: AppBlade
Twitter – AppBlade

What does it do?

AppBlade automates and simplifies the process of managing mobile apps, users/testers, and devices – both during testing or as a finished app.

Why do we need it?

Because AppBlade has more features and supports more platforms than our competition AppBlade offers the most time savings which allows you to focus on developing apps, not worrying about our tool.

Who is it for?

AppBlade is for indie developers or dev shops looking to clear away noise and produce the highest quality apps possible, or enterprises looking to host their own app store and manage their own apps, users, and devices.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

AppBlade stands out from the crowd by offering support for not only iOS, Android, and Blackberry but Windows Desktop, OSX desktop, and Linux (DEB/RPM-based), as well as security features for devices/apps, and full support for all customers.

What’s next?

AppBlade is going to expand upon our existing 3rd party integrations and continue to add supported platforms to further simplify and improve your productivity so your apps are that much better.

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