Company / App Name: Ambassador
Twitter – @AmbassadorApp

What does it do?

Ambassador allows pastors to record and share sermons from the pulpit to subscribed emails and their social media pages. Ambassador then reports listens, shares and downloads, allowing them to track their online ministry’s growth.

Why do we need it?

Smaller churches and busy pastors don’t have the resources or time to learn or purchase hi-tech recording equipment and sit around tweaking sound bytes. Ambassador allows instant sermon sharing and influence measurement within seconds.

Who is it for?

The Ambassador app and web platform are for pastors of all religions or anyone who has a message to share and track online.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Our mobile app recording allows for quick recording and sharing, where other equipment puts the weight of recording on another system. Unique URL pages allow for accurate share tracking that podcasting can’t match.

What’s next?

We\’re slowly building out the platform to allow for audio embedding and CMS integration. We already have a powerful email drip-campaign system on the backend that we’re looking to expand.

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