Company / App Name: Alertimizer
Twitter – alertimizer

What does it do?

Alertimizer provides the user with server downtime/crash alerts to the user’s phone and email with the exact information as to what sort of crash it is and what error code has been received. This is accompanied with detailed analytics!

Why do we need it?

Most administrators become aware of a server crash through their customers. We provide you with an opportunity to be the first one to know pinpointing the exact problem so that you can work on the solution.

Who is it for?

Anybody who owns a website would love to have our service. Startups, bloggers, web administrators, company administrators, e-commerce websites everybody needs it to minimize the loss they can incur if their website goes offline.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Alertimizer is simple to use and requires zero setup on the server. All you need is to enter your URL, choose alerts you want to receive and done! Monitoring from the user perspective rather than the server perspective makes us stand out.

What’s next?

Enter into the mobile analytics space and provide in depth detailed analytics of how exactly the configuration of the server be enhanced to provide seamless user experience.

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