Company / App Name: AgileLaw
Twitter – @agilelaw

What does it do?

AgileLaw provides cloud-based mobile solutions for attorneys. Its flagship product enables attorneys to manage the entire deposition process by replacing stacks of printed document exhibits with a tablet device.

Why do we need it?

Conducting paperless depositions with AgileLaw saves attorneys time and money and lets them focus on serving their clients more effectively and efficiently.

Who is it for?

Lawyers can now securely upload documents into the cloud, conduct a deposition by securely revealing documents to witnesses using a laptop or tablet device, and eliminate printing and shipping deposition exhibits.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Our product has been designed to mimic your existing work flow which means you can save preparation time, reduce overhead expenses, travel lighter to depositions, run depositions more efficiently, and find the page you need in seconds.

What’s next?

AgileLaw’s Deposition Academy will provide a series of lessons to improve your skills, so you can dramatically improve your depositions. A successful deposition can mean the difference between winning or losing a summary judgment.

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