Company / App Name: 900dpi
Twitter – @900dpi

What does it do?

900dpi saves web designers & developers time by providing quick static web hosting (Drag & Drop and your online) and extra server-side functionality (CMS, Blog, Forms, Includes) with a single line of HTML.

Why do we need it?

Saves web designers & we developers oodles of time on hosting, security updates, managing clients, and implementing common server-side functionality. We can even bill your client for hosting so you do not have to be in the middle.

Who is it for?

Freelance Web Designers & Web Developers

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Drag and Drop your files (HTML, CSS, Javascript) into a dropbox folder and your site is online! Easily add server-side functionality (a CMS, Blog, Forms, and includes) with a single line of HTML.

What’s next?

We are continually adding new features like automatic image optimization and automatic distribution to a CDN, which means significantly faster client websites.

Looking to speak with anyone who is creating websites for clients!

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