Company / App Name: 2Polyglot Company
Twitter – @polyglotservice

What does it do?

2Polyglot is the international freelance marketplace that was created only for lingualancers (linguist+freelancer) like translators, copywriters, tour guides and tutors.

Why do we need it?

Our site could solve all linguistic issues and our customers don’t have to surf many sites with freelancers if e.g. they need to find a copywriter and a tour guide or a translator and a copywriter.

Who is it for?

A new website was created for people who are looking for a job in translation, tour guiding, tutoring or copywriting and those who need such service to be done in the shortest terms.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

We faced the problem that it is really difficult to find translators of different languages or a translator and a copywriter on one site.

What’s next?

Since we have launched 2Polyglot, we have created 4 versions of the service. More than 5K linguistic freelancers have registered on the site and we are working on increasing this quantity.

Link to Company / App Demo video