D.I.Y. Startup news is an experiment in user generated news. We wanted to create a site where people could go and post startup related stories without having to have a blog or get more coverage for their up and coming blog or startup.

D.I.Y Startup news was a success but it became clear that more was needed so we evolved the website into The Startup Pitch.

The Startup Pitch gives Startups the ability to answer some questions about their product and have it turned into a Pitch.

To post a pitch head on over to the Post a pitch page

How are you going to deal with spam I hear you say? Well every pitch is checked by a human before it is allowed to be displayed. There will be no editorial on any post. If its not deemed as spam, rude, racist etc then it goes.

You can get in touch with us via http://stuartmedia.co.uk/ or follow me (Darren) @ http://twitter.com/ninjamonk or follow tony @ http://twitter.com/shytalk